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How to survive with a rice cooker
Published By groupepub on 2012-05-30 582 Views

The rice cooker commonly known as an object dedicated to cook rice is nowadays using by everyone. First it was using by single people who didn’t have time to cook their rice. You need at least 5 min to cook rice and many rice cookers can keep the rice in warm after cooking. Today I am going to show you how you to do survive with a rice cooker.

This doesn’t sound good to people but with a rice cooker you can fry eggs, prepare soup, cook fried rice, cakes and more. It contains a mechanism to cook when it’s closed so you can cook everything while using several techniques.

Let’s take a soup first. Start by boil your chickens and vegetables and later remove them and sweep the plate of your rice cooker. You need a blender for your vegetables. When everything will be ready, put everything inside your rice cooker and start to make your soup. Note that you shouldn’t leave the rice cooker and think that if your soup is ready the bottom will come up like it does when cooking rice. Open sometimes the rice cooker and turn the soup (every 20 min) until your soup is ready. For your cake, mixed your receipts together then put all in the rice cooker. The cake is easy to do because a rice cooker is like an oven and when your cake will be ready it will come automatically in warm.

The difficult step comes when you are cooking eggs. Put oil in your rice cooker and close it, after 3 min open it, put your eggs inside and don’t close the rice cooker. Be very careful because if you close it, your eggs will look like a cake at the end.

Believe me! I have two rice cookers I have done a lot of research and tried many recipes with them. The foods I successful made were fried eggs, tomatoes soup, fried rice, cake with banana and fried potatoes. Put in your mind that apart from cooking rice, the rice cooker will take a lot of time before to get your food ready and it’s very different from the gas where you can increase and decrease the fire at anytime. So if you own a rice cooker, don’t be afraid to try every food you like.

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